About This Blog: Our Story

On this blog I intend to post mostly about history and governance.

Check out my blogĀ  Then What?

I am beginning Our Story: with the hope than I can make more interesting and useful to you than have been my earlier blogs.

I thought to call this blog The Big Story: how we got this way and the way we are taking, but came to see that as a bigger bite than I could chew.

I do intend, today, that this blog be largely about my present view of history and governance. I may include a little personal genealogy too.

So it might to expect the posts that follow to contain some minor rants, some political philosophy, some dreams of democracy, an occasional word about dialogue and effective communication. I may include a bit about indigenous, native America Indians. I may find myself passing on a few notes about grassroots organization and worker organization. I may wander into areas of the nature of education and of our social contract.

On this Our Story blog you can expect posts in the following categories:


history/family tree

people and places


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