Beginning an Adventure

On the 6th of February I expect to land in Bangkok old, tired, and jet-lagged. I’ll arrive without a visa. That is a bit like me showing up on your front porch unannounced and expecting to stay. Still I have high hopes that the Thais will let me stays for awhile. Without leaving BKK I hope to get a flight to Chiang Rai and begin to get comfortable there.

I think that the air in and around Chiang Rai gets smoky in March and stays that way for over a month. Might go to Vietnam to get better air during that time. Who knows about the likely air quality in Thai Ngnugyn in March?

Sold my nice little Suzuki and expect to rent a car today. This little JT house is just about empty of furniture and belongings. I’ve sold and given away most things, but will still leave a lot in storage.

Looking at what I’ve just written I don’t see much beautiful adventure shining through. Do I fear that my capacity for adventure has diminished? However, my witting or capacity for adventure may be, I feel satisfied and energized. I feel pleasant anticipation knowing how likely it is that I will soon be surrounded by the novelty and beauty of Thailand and the rest of SEA.

The prospect of shopping for used first grade( or kindergarten) textbooks with which to begin to learn to read and write Thai pleases me.


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