Tragedy of the commons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tragedy of the commons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Bernie Sanders Storms the Senate Floor and Challenges Congress’ Koch Whores

Bernie Sanders Storms the Senate Floor and Challenges Congress’ Koch Whores.

The Senator continues to speak up and does so as well as ever here.

Business – Matthew O’Brien – The Myth That Entitlements Ruin Countries, Busted in 1 Little Graph – The Atlantic

Business – Matthew O’Brien – The Myth That Entitlements Ruin Countries, Busted in 1 Little Graph – The Atlantic.

Can the US learn something from Europe?

Europe’s biggest social spenders have fewer economic problems than the smaller social spenders there.

American Empire

During the presidency of James K. Polk with the advent of the Mexican-American War of 1846, the development of American imperialism became evident to many around the world. It had become evident to many of our Canadian neighbors by 1812.

Earlier, Thomas Jefferson showed strong signs of being willing to expand the nation at the expense of other people.

Influential Americans showed that they were well able to use our foreign policy, blood, and money to effectively dominate other people. At first they tended to use our military to take from other countries by dominating their land and trade.  Later they took the wealth of others by more subtle economic means and resorted to military force only when it seemed more expedient..

I am not sure why some Americans are still ignorant of our oppression and domination of countries and people around the world. Too many Americans are not only unaware of our cultural exportation of others, but also of our economic and military exploitation of them. Why are there Americans who do not recognize their own imperial conduct? Why are there so many Americans who generously support our imperial conduct and seem to have little interest in benefiting from it?

There are Americans who do not even raise an eyebrow when we force our surrogates into position to rule and exploit people around the globe.

How cruel they seem in their ignorance1

Policy to Live By?

Here are some policy suggestions which have been presented to the people of the United States and to the peoples of the world. Which do you think are the two or three best? Which one do you like most? Which sees to be the worst? Why do think they are presented to us? What change would you make? What’s ‘autonomous?’ What’s a ‘peoples?’ What’s a ‘consensus?’  I prefer that you make your response in the ‘ comment’ area below rather than by sending an email.


~ Have open agreements between peoples and have them publicly arrived at.

~ Have the seas open to trade and travel accept when to close portions is agreed by consensus for the common good.

~ Have reduction of armaments to the lowest point consistent with public safety.

~ Remove troops from territories not their own.

~ Let peoples have the opportunity to form their governments without outside interference.

~ Allow peoples autonomous development.

~ Encourage nations to guarantee independence and territorial integrity for militarily weak nations as well as strong.

Constitutional Questions

Thank you for your answers to these questions. My ignorance is great, and I want to learn.


~ What are the ways that the Federal Government raises revenue, other than by the Income Tax?

~ Which ways that revenues are raised are not directed by Congress.

~ Speaking of revenue and taxes, isn’t most income ‘earned’ by capital?

~ What is Congress doing to maintain equitable, useful, uniform rules of naturalization?

~ Which of our naturalization laws is the Executive doing less to enforce?

~ Why does the Executive Branch let corporations and other business hire illegal aliens?

~ How is the “Law of Nations” interpreted and enforced constitutionally today? Which are the most important of those laws?

~ What is the meaning of “war’ in the Constitution?

~ How are the war making powers of Congress not being enforced?

~ How can we help our congress persons?

~ How are the “Treaties” of the Constitution interpreted now? It seems to me that many accords and agreements are carried out with out the considered consent of our Senate. How does it seem to you?

~ What is the Legal meaning of “Equity” as use in our Constitution?

~ How are we upholding the constitutionality of “Warrants?” How long ought a warrant last?

~ Please tell me about a Gran jury. Where does it come from? Who puts it together? What would be a better question about Grand Juries?

~ What are some of the more important ways I may recognize that “due process” is being followed? What are the important examples of due process?

~ How does one determine when a trial has not been convened speedily?

~ How can I tell when bail is excessive?

~ Who determines whether or not six months in solitary confinement is cruel or unusually punishment?