American Empire

During the presidency of James K. Polk with the advent of the Mexican-American War of 1846, the development of American imperialism became evident to many around the world. It had become evident to many of our Canadian neighbors by 1812.

Earlier, Thomas Jefferson showed strong signs of being willing to expand the nation at the expense of other people.

Influential Americans showed that they were well able to use our foreign policy, blood, and money to effectively dominate other people. At first they tended to use our military to take from other countries by dominating their land and trade.  Later they took the wealth of others by more subtle economic means and resorted to military force only when it seemed more expedient..

I am not sure why some Americans are still ignorant of our oppression and domination of countries and people around the world. Too many Americans are not only unaware of our cultural exportation of others, but also of our economic and military exploitation of them. Why are there Americans who do not recognize their own imperial conduct? Why are there so many Americans who generously support our imperial conduct and seem to have little interest in benefiting from it?

There are Americans who do not even raise an eyebrow when we force our surrogates into position to rule and exploit people around the globe.

How cruel they seem in their ignorance1


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