Policy to Live By?

Here are some policy suggestions which have been presented to the people of the United States and to the peoples of the world. Which do you think are the two or three best? Which one do you like most? Which sees to be the worst? Why do think they are presented to us? What change would you make? What’s ‘autonomous?’ What’s a ‘peoples?’ What’s a ‘consensus?’  I prefer that you make your response in the ‘ comment’ area below rather than by sending an email.


~ Have open agreements between peoples and have them publicly arrived at.

~ Have the seas open to trade and travel accept when to close portions is agreed by consensus for the common good.

~ Have reduction of armaments to the lowest point consistent with public safety.

~ Remove troops from territories not their own.

~ Let peoples have the opportunity to form their governments without outside interference.

~ Allow peoples autonomous development.

~ Encourage nations to guarantee independence and territorial integrity for militarily weak nations as well as strong.


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